Take Your World Into Another Dimension

Environment + Imagination

A Vision Quest brings your world into your game.


Use Your Phone Camera

In this game, you solve puzzles with your phone’s camera, which makes it a cross between a platformer game and a scavenger hunt.

First of Its Kind

You can blend real world environments into virtual world experiences by using handset's camera, which has never been done before.

Mixing Reality

You can use real world environments (in a coffee shop, waiting for the bus) to solve puzzles and level up the game.

Social Media Integration

You can use your photos and your friends’ photos from Facebook & Instagram to solve levels.

Cross Platform App

A Vision Quest game is available on both Android and iOS platforms, making it easy to play with all your friends.

For All Ages

A Vision Quest is engaging enough for both kids and adults, making it a perfect family entertainment.


GPU Technology Conference
We are selected from 150 entrants as one of the top 12 startups to compete at Emerging Companies Summit in San Jose, CA on March 26th, 2014.

Technorati Review: oMobio camera-assisted mobile gaming that capitalizes on edge detection
Byron Gordon of Technorati reviews A Vision Quest game in great detail.

Byron Gordon of Technorati interviews Tom Meyer – the creator of A Vision Quest
Byron Gordon of Technorati interviews Tom Meyer – the creator of A Vision Quest – about his most proud achievement with the game at GamesBeat, in Redwood City, CA.
Watch the snippet >>

16th Annual Independent Games Festival
A Vision Quest is an entrant in the Independent Games Festival, which will take place in San Francisco, CA on March 17-21, 2014.

A Vision Quest – “Game Changer”
“In A Vision Quest, users solve puzzles and move through levels using photos from their mobile device’s camera.” PRWeb.

Who’s Got Game?
A Vision Quest has been selected as one of 7 finalists for GamesBeat Who’s Got Game Innovation Showdown, which will take place in Redwood City, CA on October 29-30, 2013.

meet Ardee and Arnette

The coolest armadillos in the Universe


This is the story of two armadillos in love…

Ardee is a daring test-pilot, who races with his ace-mechanic girlfriend, Arnette. But Istaqa, the coyote, sees them and is jealous that he hadn’t found a love as great as theirs. So he uses his umbrella ray gun to blast them into other universes (such as Fire, Jungle, and Space). They now must try to find each other and to return home. They can tap into visions of another mysterious world, “Earth”, and use the lines of power from that world to create bridges and block enemies. They are on A Vision Quest.

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  • circle
    Jesse Schell

    American video game designer, an acclaimed author, CEO of Schell Games and a Distinguished Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Former Creative Director of the Disney Imagineering Virtual Reality Studio.

    A Vision Quest's use of the camera for gameplay is mindblowing. I wish I was playing it right now!

    Sunny Bates

    Author, serial entrepreneur, mentor and advisor, her client roster has included some of the world’s most prominent organizations, from GE, TED and Credit Suisse to MTV, the National Academy of Sciences, Techstars and Kickstarter, of which she is a founding board member.

    I love the way 'A Vision Quest' uses the edges in the world around us to play a game and connect us to the outside universe.

    Brian Blau

    Research Director in Consumer Technology at Gartner

    It's refreshing to see a game make different use of the device sensors... Incorporating the camera into a game is a bold move, but one that really brings the player into a deeper relationship with the game content.

    Joel Davis

    Joel Davis runs Tapnik Software - an outlet for his iPhone game ideas and projects.

    Extraordinary! It's not everyday you come across a truly original game mechanic, and A Vision Quest nails it.

  • circle
    Dave Voyles

    Managing Editor at Armless Octopus

    I work with games all day every day. There is nothing else like this. This is awesome!

    John Polson

    Editor-in-chief for IndieGames

    Future mobile hit.

    Matt Boyd

    Matt Boyd is a web cartoonist and comic writer. www.threepanelsoul.com

    A Vision Quest is a startlingly original concept that I'm greatly looking forward to playing more of.


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The Team

Tom Meyer
Tom Meyer

Founder and CEO

Architect and lead developer of Smule's Magic Piano. Early employee at Dropbox, created the Android App. Primary inventor on six patents on advertising and media technology. CTO & Senior Architect for location-based interactive video using computer vision for corporate lobbies and museums. Worked at NASA on immersive VR scientific visualization interfaces. Master’s in Computer Science from Brown University.

Ilya Fortuna
Ilya Fortuna

Creative Director

Artist and game creator for 9 years, created “Behold the Wizard” for Cartoon Network, “Goal!” mobile games for Disney, “Casper's Scare School”, “My Lands” and more.

Ellen Wang
Ellen Wang

Marketing Director

With over 20 years experience leading teams and achieving results for start-ups and multinationals in the US and abroad, Ellen focuses on connecting and building long-term relationships with customers and delivering bottom line results. Ellen graduated from The University of Melbourne, Australia’s leading university, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Marketing. She is a native English and Mandarin speaker with multi-cultural roots and global reach.

Chandra Ganguly
Chandra Ganguly

Co-Founder and Project Manager

Chandra has worked over three years as a news director at NDTV, a 24hr news channel in India, before moving to California, where she worked various roles in administration and education. Her passion is excellence and finding balance in what she does through yoga practices. She is a mother to three children and defines her life and work on the importance of that role.

Andries Van Dam
Andries Van Dam


Andy is the Thomas J. Watson, Jr. University Professor of Technology and Education and Professor of Computer Science at Brown University, where he co-founded the department. He co-founded ACM SIGGRAPH, and is co-author of Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice. He is a fellow of ACM, IEEE, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Katya Guseva
Katya Guseva

Graphic Arts and Social Media

Katya is a graphic artist, music writer and editor-in-chief of Big Up Magazine - an online and print publication about underground electronic music and contemporary art.

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